Copolymer styrene and divinylbenzene
• Known for its high chemical resistance to alkali, acid and oxidant
• Resistant to high temperatures (110-120°C)
• Exchange capacity is only slightly dependent on pH
• High exchange capacity, high osmotic stability, high rate cleaning from organic and mineral dashes

Area of employment
• Water treatment, drinking water softening at the enterprises of food industry

For regeneration of КУ-2-8 is treated with help of 8-10% solution of sodium chloride, specific expenditure – 200-250 g/mol of cations’ absorption, speed of regeneration – 3-4 m/h

Package – polyethylene bags put in polypropylene bags (weight – 20kg)
Storage in warehouses at the temperatures more than 2°C (term of storage – 3 years)
Form of supplying – sodium